Thursday, October 02, 2014

Your Legacy - The Greatest Gift, by Dr. James Dobson

As we approach the holidays, many are already thinking of gifts to give to those we love. We want something perfect - just what they want or need.

I have shared messages about leaving a legacy here at The Stream's Edge before. It is something I think about. A lot. Especially the legacy of faith because it is the most important thing I can pass on to my family.

When I was asked to write a review about a new book called, Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift, by Dr. James Dobson, I knew I needed to hear his thoughts about the topic.

Dr. Dobson has been the go-to-guy on family matters for as long as I can remember. His gentle, yet bold words have encouraged and equipped people on all matters of concern—whether about singleness, marriage, parenting or whatever stage of life we find ourselves. For years, we have sidled up to the radio to hear his heart and families have benefited as a result.

So, when I discovered his newest book, Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift, I was eager to draw near to listen to Dr. Dobson’s heart on the issue of passing our faith on to the next generation. Our Legacy.

As a parent, I long to know my children’s faith is settled and they are living it out on a daily basis.

Legacy is a powerful word. It is the essence of who I am when I'm gone. It is all the important stuff boiled down to a sentence like,

She believed, or
Her faith was real, or
She trusted God no matter what.

I wonder:

What will I be remembered for?

Will the ripple effect of my faith-journey affect others when I leave this Earth?

I hope so.
And, if I contemplate these things, I wonder if you do also.

More than anything I want to pass along who Jesus is and what He did for us.

Dr. Dobson again shares his wisdom and experience with those who ask the tough questions:

What about our prodigal?

What about unbelieving parents?

How can I leave a solid legacy of faith to my children?
What stories will articulate faith in language that children can understand?

I find myself wondering about these important issues more and more.  Do you?

Dr. Dobson's wealth of encouragement is given within the pages of his newest book, Your Legacy. He shares his lineage, filled with faith stories that will inspire you to see how God is moving in the hearts of your family members. So often we get discouraged because we don’t see the fingerprints of God on the lives of our kids.

This message of this book whispers, “Look a little closer. They’re there.”

Dr. Dobson's book will provide you with practical ideas for passing on your faith and praying your family into the Kingdom. And Dr. Dobson’s imprint continues to etch itself into the fiber of families. His legacy and ours will be far reaching as we continue to listen to the One who spurs us on to good works—touching lives and impacting eternity.
Have you thought about Your Legacy? I'd love to hear your thoughts. And, pray for your concerns.


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Will the ripple effect of my faith-journey affect others when I leave this Earth? Click to Tweet

Dr. Dobson can be found at Family Talk.

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