Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Have You Ever Been Astonished by God?

Have you ever been astonished by God?

A few years ago while attending a writer’s workshop I read, “...I muse on the work of Your hands." Psalm 143:5

I found the word muse interesting since my focus would be on writing all week. So I did a little digging, found the Middle English origin of the word:


I wondered. 

I whispered, Please, Lord, help me to be astonished this week. I tucked that prayer away and got caught up in the whirlwind of teaching, workshops, free writing and critique.
Have you ever been astonished by God?
The last day, my drive to campus was clouded with tears, brought on by three simple words from the innkeeper. He chatted with me that morning after breakfast as I settled my bill...
“You had a good week?” He asked.
“I had a great week.”
“You did good!” He continued.
“You remind me of my dad,” I mused.
“You do know what’s going on here don’t you?” he prompted.
I must have looked puzzled and so he continued,“You need to hear that today. YOU DID GOOD.” (Click to Tweet)
Suddenly, my dad's words became clear—out of the misty past. He had passed away a year before and the memory was still raw. He was a man of few words and often used this simple phrase.

Tears welled up and my throat tightened. It was as if Dad was giving me the encouragement I needed—and I felt a blessing from my Heavenly Father too.
I shared my story with the writer's group as my tears flowed. Unexpected emotion rolled over me, and I grappled with control. 

Words have a powerful affect—to build up or tear down (Click to Tweet), encourage or discourage, to give hope or cause to lose heart. Words can wound or heal. 

Have you ever been astonished my God?

That morning the Lord gave healing words—straight from the mouth of an innkeeper, yet echoed from my daddy’s heart. And I stood astonished in the presence of God who knows my every breath and heart need.


*In cross referencing the verse in Psalm 143:5 I also found more references to the word muse: 
Psalm 105:2
Psalm 77:12 
Psalm 119:27

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This post is reprinted from an earlier post here at The Stream's Edge.


  1. Thank you for sharing: want to save these words and read them often:)...

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart felt thoughts here so that we too may feel that we are never alone or forgotten. Too often we tend to be naive about the Father's presence surrounding us at every moment.

  3. Thanks, Anonymous, for sharing your thoughts. How often we need reminders - I know I do. His faithfulness is new every morning. And, when I recall all He has done, it gives me faith for tomorrow

  4. Western, I think you are so right. He is right there all the time. He is at work; He is speaking; and He is active in every aspect of our lives and the world. Oh, for the spiritual eyes to see and understand. His love is all around us.

  5. God never ceases to astonish me. I think we miss most of His astonishing work because we're caught up in the chaos of life. Thanks for the reminder, Jeanne.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Bruce. I agree. God is at work around us all the time, but we can miss it if we don't take time to notice.


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