Thursday, January 01, 2015

Go Forth into 2015

A blank canvas can either inspire or terrify. And a new year can do the same. As I look ahead to the 365 days before me, I am hopeful, partly because I know God goes with me.

As I read yesterday, the words, GO FORTH, popped off the page in Isaiah. It’s as if the Lord was saying, “You know what I have called you to do, so just do it.”

As I GO FORTH into 2015, I am building on my word, intentional from 2014. There are things I need to do:

Continue working on my book

Continue to make exercise and good diet a priority

And, learn new skills that will enhance my ministry presence.

Last year I took on Power Point—and presented a workshop called, Avoiding Burnout in Ministry (and life). I remember feeling like I couldn’t do it. I thought I would trip over slides and clickers, taking away from my message. But, instead I found a useful tool that enhances that type of seminar, providing visual learners with a vehicle for learning.

I also presented the first session of my Intro to Blogging Class using this tool with great success.

The New Year presents some new challenges. I am revamping my website and blog and have identified some new skills I need to learn so I can move forward:

Using Mail Chimp to build my mailing list

Formatting E-books using Word

Transferring to my domain name at (I could use prayer for this because I need to figure out how to change it in Blogger and I am afraid to mess it up.)

The learning curve is steep sometimes. And, too often I procrastinate because I don’t want blow anything up—the old adage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But, this is more about growth than fixing, so I’m moving forward.

So, I’m still praying about my focus for 2015—in a word. It may be GO. And, I am willing. But this last week of 2014 I’ve been sick. Thankfully the germs waited until my family all left for their homes before they invaded. But the first day of the New Year feels a bit foggy as I wait for my head to clear and begin to feel normal again.

Back to the blank canvas—and hope. I am ready to take on whatever open doors are presented to me. I look forward to the opportunities to stretch and grow. I want to GO FORTH and watch God work, offering Him glory and praise.
I’m ready to shake off the procrastination that can hold me hostage. After all, I have no idea what the rest of my days might hold—so I want to make use of the time He gives me now.

I also want to pursue going on a short term mission trip. I’ve talked about it for years but it’s been just that—talk. I will never know what door might open unless I knock, so I will take the next step and start seeking opportunities to GO FORTH. I trust He will open the door of opportunity He has ordained as I take the first step to seek it.

Go Forth and Allow God to Paint His Story on your Blank Canvas.

What do you see? Do you have hopes? Be sure to join the conversation…
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  1. Intentional is my word for this year! I figured God would need a couple years to develop that in me. Last years's word was discipline but I just sat back to see what God did to make me disciplined. Guess what - I have to make choices and take actions for Him to change me :) Duh!

    So, I must be intentional!

  2. Oh, Sherry, I can relate!! I was intentional in 2014 in so many areas. I feel like God's telling me to keep going.
    Thanks for sharing your heart. And I look forward to see what 2015 brings into your intentional life.

  3. Oh Jeanne, I am so proud of you !! Is this my girl that was afraid to walk alone to first grade ?? This is GOD in you...........
    You go girl !!!
    Love you Mom

  4. Oh, Mom. What would I do without your encouragement? You are the most awesome prayer warrior. Thank you!!
    Going forth with God is like buying my bumper sticker before I had a car :)
    Faith walking

  5. Jeanne, you always encourage and challenge me with your honest reflection. I thought my word for the new year would be TRUST, but the reason I have to TRUST is because I have to be INTENTIONAL with some projects and relationships. Thought provoking. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for sharing your word for the new year, Tammy Sue. It does sound like intentional hits your target, though TRUST will be your sidekick as you go forward.
    I appreciate you stopping in and joining this conversation. The New Year is big--but not so big when we take it a day at a time


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