Thursday, January 15, 2015

Never Ever Be The Same - New Book by Kathy Collard Miller and Larry Miller

Never ever be the same - book cover
My guest is Kathy Collard Miller. She and her husband, Larry have a new book published and I'd like to share an excerpt. Be sure to leave a comment for Kathy and Larry - they have graciously offered to give away a copy of Never Ever Be The Same

I don't know about you but I often turn to self-protective measures when I am faced with difficulties. Kathy and Larry's book will address this tendency and it is perfect for your small group or Bible study.

Here is a sample story:

Whats Your Walker?

by Kathy Collard Miller and Larry Miller 

One Christmas when my ninety-year-old mother-in-law, Audrey, lived with us, our then-three-year-old grandson, Raf, was fascinated with Audrey's walker. As he walked (or ran!) away with it, Audrey became visibly anxious calling out to him, Don't take away my walker. I need it. I'm dependent upon it. I'm just an old woman, so don't hurt it.

I felt sad to think Audrey believed we wouldnt help her and that she was on her own. She felt she had to call after Raf and try to control him. But she didn't have the strength to retrieve the walker or follow Raf to supervise. My husband, Larry, and I, on the other hand, could do something and we decided that Raf couldn't play with it because it caused her too much anxiety.

We each have our own kind of walker that we believe we require in life to meet our needs. We demand from people or things, Don't take away my idol. I need it. I'm dependent upon it. I'm just an incompetent Christian, so don't hurt it. Our idol may be a relationship, an accomplishment, our reputationpick which walker you believe you need for your security and happiness.

But our idol never satisfies. Only God can provide and protect us sufficiently.

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This article is excerpted from Never Ever Be the Same (Leafwood Publishers) which offers Christians hope that they can change their ungodly reactions through identifying their self-protective strategies and trusting God instead. The authors are Kathy Collard Miller and Larry Miller and includes biblical principles, insightful stories, and helpful instruction. It has individual and group discussion questions.

Never ever be the same
Kathy Collard Miller and Larry Miller are speakers and authors. They have been married 44 years and Larry is a retired police lieutenant. The Millers live in Southern California, and have two grown children and one grandson. Visit them at Kathy blogs at

Never Ever Be the Same is available at your local Christian bookstore and in both print and digital versions at:

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  1. Jeanne, Thanks so much for featuring our new book and I hope the post blesses your readers. We sure appreciate your support and look forward to providing a copy to the winner of the drawing.

  2. I'm excited to partner with you both in its release. I know your message will bless many.

  3. Sounds like a great book to use in ministry and counseling.

  4. Linda, I am sure it would be helpful. Thank you for stopping in to comment. And, let me know what you think...I am sure Kathy and Larry will love the feedback.

  5. I would like to review and use this book.
    Mary Hake

  6. Kathy, thanks for your interest and your comment. I think a review would be a wonderful encouragement to Kathy and Larry.

  7. I have had the honor and privilege to walk through the information in this book. Kathy & Larry, thanks for allowing the Lord to use you to change my life!

  8. Thank you, Dana. What a wonderful endorsement! I know others will also benefit from, Never Ever Be the Same!!!
    I appreciate you stopping by The Stream's Edge and sharing your thoughts

  9. Please put in Karen Sloat's name into the drawing. She tried and it wouldn't go through.

  10. I'm so grateful for Linda Rooks, Mary Ann Hake, and Dana Rausch posting their comments. I'm excited about who will win a copy! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. I have added Karen Sloat's name to the drawing.

  12. Jeanne: Camie said she also put in a comment; maybe it hasn't gone through being moderated yet. Thanks for putting her in.

  13. I've added Camie too. Thank you for letting me know.

  14. I am currently reading an e-copy of "Never Ever Be the Same" but would love a physical copy. I consider it a must-read. It should be read slowly pen in hand. Thanks for promoting this fantastic, life-changing book.

  15. Thanks, Steph for chiming in on this. I have added your name for the drawing.
    I can't wait to get a copy myself.

  16. Great example, Kathy! Your book sounds like it will be a helpful resource for all of us. Congrats!

  17. Great analogy. Our anxieties can make us lose sight of the one who can truly help and provide, God.

  18. Vonda and Janene, thank you for joining in celebrating Kathy and Larry's book launch. I have added your names to the drawing --

  19. Congratulations, Mary Hake. You have won a copy of Kathy and Larry's book. Please contact me at with your contact information so I can pass it along to Kathy.
    I'd love for you to share your thoughts here once you get a chance to review it.


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