Sunday, January 04, 2015

Will You Go Forth With Me? - God's Words to Abram Are For Me Too

Genesis 12:1 is a familiar passage - a call to Abram to go to a place God would show him.

This is also a call to us. A call of salvation for those who don't know Him yet - and a call to daily obedience once we say yes to Him.
As I meditated on this, this is what I heard God me.

Will you go anywhere I ask you to go? Will you leave behind what’s familiar? What’s comfortable? Will to step into unknown areas without fear? Will you eat strange foods and learn a new language in order to touch lives for My kingdom?

Will you surrender what you think you need and what you feel is important so I can provide what’s even better for you? Will you leave behind what you see as treasures so I can fill your hands with true worth?

Will you trust Me one step at a time? It will mean traveling without a map. It will mean listening carefully so you know whether to go to the right or to the left. It may mean stopping when you aren’t sure of your next step. It may mean waiting even though you want to forge ahead because you think you know where you’re going. Trust Me when I say, “You don’t.”

Don’t think you can figure it out and walk ahead of Me. I’ve called you to follow Me, not to lead. If you can learn to do that, you will find blessing and protection. But if you insist on traveling without Me, you will discover unrest and will encounter trouble.
Life is a journey that has no itinerary, no map—no prepared way of travel. Every person’s journey is designed with them in mind. Your journey holds your blessings, not anyone else’s and vice-versa. In order for you to discover your destiny and purpose, you must follow MY way for you. Will you do that?

I have a path prepared for you. I am asking for you to surrender everything you know to be true, everything you hold dear, and all that you feel is important so that I can give you far more than you can imagine.

It will be an adventure. Your character will be forged and your weaknesses, strengthened because this is My will for you. Will you trust Me in this? I will not fail you because I have plans to prosper you—plans for a future and a hope. I will not harm you—but everything will work for your good and My glory.

When you come to a place where you don’t understand, remember that I am in control—I see everything from beginning to end. The vision I have for you is wholeness but there may be knots in the pattern from time to time. These will become your strengths if you allow them to.

You are My child and I have chosen you from the beginning of time to be My jewel. So, I am asking you to trust Me as I shape the facets to bring out your inner beauty and shine. The result will be so beautiful—My light will shine so brightly in you. I do this because I have called you to be My disciple—a light in a dark world. You will be My preserving portion to your sphere of influence. And, I will be your hope in everything.

Will you Go Forth with Me?
How does His call speak to you today?


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  1. An amazing gentle nudge.........HIS voice speaks the truth of HIS word. As the people of Israel moved when the Cloud you shall........
    Decisions in life, should I stay, should I down size, should I move. The LORD says "I am doing a new thing" Isaiah 43:18-19 Thank you for your willingness to stand with open hands.......and encouragement for me. Love MOM

  2. Thanks for sharing your comment, Mom. I know He will lead you - and He will lead me - to His place of pasture. Going is often not easy. But I want to stay with Him so it means I must follow.

  3. God bless you. I feel that God has responded my answers today through this Web page.. I feel Amazing. Thank you

  4. Thanks for your comment Duniesky. I pray God's Blessings as you follow Him

  5. Will you go?...almost 3 years ago, God said that to me. I spent several months saying NO - we had lived there for many years and we planned on retiring there. I spent several months refusing to surrender. Eventually God said "You WILL move!"

    What followed were 2 years stuck in anger. I refused to open my eyes to the blessings in my new city. Eventually, God interrupted my anger and infused my life with His grace. The adventure is in full swing!

  6. Oh Sherry, thanks for sharing your story. How gracious our Heavenly Father is - even when we don't see it.
    Keep me posted on the adventure. He doesn't say the GOING will be easy-but He does promise to go with us.

  7. I appreciate your transparency, Sherry. I feel as though I am standing here wanting to say yes to God but not totally sure what He is asking me to do.
    Part of saying yes is going forward and tackling some of the areas I feel help learning. All the techie stuff that goes with being a writer and speaker.
    But there are other areas that I think He is coaxing me out of my comfort zone - going on a mission trip? Watching the opportunities and not being afraid it say yes.
    Praying with you, sister. Our journeys are all about HIM :)

  8. Jeanne, I pray that you feel His presence saturate you as you wait. Waiting is frustrating. I,too, am in a waiting period and I'm tempted to sit still, inactive, until I hear His voice call me to the next thing. But He says to us, "Continue to serve in today's calling while I prepare you for tomorrow." You are in my prayers.

  9. Sherry, that is wise counsel - one that I follow the best I can. I agree that we continue doing what He has asked until he changes our direction. Like the cloud and the fire. If the cloud settles, make camp :)


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