Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Pulled by the Hand – Asking God to Save The Ones We Love

While reading my Bible this morning, I was captivated by God’s compassion on Lot as the angel grabbed his hand, pulling him out of Sodom along with his family. Abram’s grilling questions earlier, asking if there were any righteous, would God spare the city. God didn’t spare the city, but spared the righteous.

What once was the beautiful lush, green valley that Lot was drawn to when he separated from his Uncle Abram, became a smoldering pile of ashes. But, Lot’s life was spared.

Even after this incredible display of God’s power, Lot’s wife turned back to look at what she was leaving behind. And, Lot’s daughters got him drunk and took advantage of him so they could carry on the family name.

Sometimes no matter what we do or say, others will still choose their own way over God’s. That’s the truth of free will. Yet, we’ll always know that the God of compassion is ready to grab their hand and lift them out of the fire if they choose to let Him.

Abram’s concern for his nephew, Lot is not unlike our concern for our loved ones who are following their own way. They keep edging closer to the fire until they’re surrounded by it—like Lot, who was living near Sodom at first. Then, He lived in Sodom, and was drawn closer to the flame like a moth.

Our heart cries out to God on behalf of those who need Him and we can be sure that God hears and answers those cries. But, ultimately the one who strays closer to the edge needs to hear God’s call to leave the city.
Lot tried to rescue his son in-laws, but they laughed him off. The angel took his wife and daughters by the hand to lead them out—but their hearts were hard. They didn’t see God’s compassion to save, only what He was taking away from them.

Maybe this is what those who don’t know God see—a God who wants to take them away from what they know like, a big bad parent in the sky who is a kill-joy. Little do they understand that when we walk away from the things we think are necessary for life, God fills our lives with much more.
I often hear this from those who resist God’s message of hope: “He’ll ask me to give up…”

The amazing truth about giving up things, is that when God gives us a new heart—the one of flesh in place of the stony one we cling to, we are the ones who want to leave the things we once clung to. It’s as if the mask is dropped and we see them for what they really are—rotting garbage masquerading as choice morsels.

Only the Holy Spirit can speak to a heart and draw them to the Father’s love. Our job isn’t to save, it’s to love. And that love can do the softening—the tilling of the ground—so the heart can be open to the seed of the gospel.

Our challenge as Children of Light is to love like Jesus loves. And, when we do, we will see God doing the work in the hearts around us.

Are you reading through the Bible in 2015? I'd love to hear your insights.
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Read more about Abram and Lot in Genesis chapters 13, 18 and 19.
You can find wonderful Bible study resources at www.blueletterbible.com
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  1. Loved your entry, today, Jeanne. I could feel the Holy Spirit speaking through you. How much we love His presence in our lives! God bless you, my friend.
    With prayers for your dear ones, also. Carole Castagna

  2. Thank you, Carole. I love how His word speaks into our lives today. I appreciate your visit and sharing your comments

  3. I love this post, Jeanne. I have a dear unsaved family member who is in my prayers daily. God is just and merciful.

    I tried reading through the Bible in a year but I got so captivated and so amazed at the depth of God's Word that it just didn't work. I've studied the Old Testament for 3 years now and will finish in a few weeks.

    As I read Malachi, I'm saddened by the people's disdain for God. He says in 1:2 "I love you," and the rest of the book is filled with their replies of mockery and self-righteousness.

    God is opening my eyes to the times I respond to His Word in the same way. I take control of my life and walk my own way. Praise God for His grace that He leads me back home - sometimes kindly and sometimes with discipline - but He never leaves me.

  4. Thank you for wise words Jeanne. I'm reading this passage today too and it is a difficult part of scripture for me, if I'm totally honest. To save only to turn Lot's wife to salt or have abominable relations with Lot. You've helped me to see that I am still vulnerable to sin even in the midst of God's great mercy and kindness. To slow down and listen for God and not try to run ahead of him.

  5. Sherry, thanks for your insightful words. Honestly, I have trouble getting through the whole Bible in a year too. I find myself getting distracted and start cross referencing...
    That's okay though. It is the Love of His Word that is important.
    Blessings in this year of new beginnings!

  6. Melissa, your honest transparency is awesome. The more I read His word, the more I see He is a stickler for BELIEF. I'm learning that following His instructions is meant for our safety not our discomfort.
    I appreciate your comments very much and I know your heart hears His words.

  7. This post was encouraging. It reminded me not only of how gracious God is but of my role, aside from prayer, in seeing those I love come to Christ.

    These words really stood out to me
    "Our job isn’t to save, it’s to love. And that love can do the softening—the tilling of the ground—so the heart can be open to the seed of the gospel."

    So very true and something I can always stand to be reminded of. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for your thoughts, Melinda and for taking the time to read my post. I love how the ancient words speak to us today. His love never changes and He is drawing those who will say yes to Him.

  9. As always, He has given you an insightful way of showing us His word. Thank you for reminding us, we are to love ..........I continue to thank Him for revealing Himself to those who are blind to His forgiveness. Bless you
    Love Mom

  10. This was a wonderful post, Jeanne. I love that even though Lot apparently wasn't terribly concerned about his position, Abram was and if it wasn't for his prayers, Lot would have been a goner. Lot had to "hear God's call to leave the city," but it was the prayer of a friend that called up the cavalry (angels) to take him by the hand and pull him out. Thanks.

  11. Terry,
    Thanks for your thoughts. It is typically blindness isn't it!! So thankful that God sees me and those I care about.
    Pray on, my friend!


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