Friday, January 02, 2015

Launching a Year of Intentions - Filling My Blank Canvas

A New Year always brings about intentions. People make promises and resolutions to lose weight, stop a habit, and make changes for the better. Well, I have taken on a writing challenge to write 500 words a day for 31 Days.

I promise I won't post every word here at The Stream's Edge but I may share some I think may spur you on in some way.

Today is Day 2 - so far so good! I'd love to hear about your hopes for 2015. You can be sure that God has plans for you...

So, here is my musing for today:
2015 has begun at a snail’s pace as I gather enough strength to drive to Stop and Shop for a few things to get me through the weekend.

My head is pounding and my lungs lurch upward with every cough. This is day 5 of not feeling well. I keep thinking it will lift, but so far it hasn’t. So, I do the minimum.

Sometimes life is like that—we do the minimum to just get by.
But I don’t want to live 2015 like that. I want to grasp each day and ask for God’s power to do what He puts before me. Power is something I’m lacking today as my chest aches from the coughing. But, it’s power I need and not anything I can manufacture on my own. It’s the Holy Spirit variety—the kind that can raise the dead and heal the sick.

Maybe that’s what I need for this old cough—Holy Spirit healing power. May it be so; Come, Great Physician and touch your daughter…

Looking at a blank canvas and envisioning how it will look isn’t easy. But God is the Master Painter and His strokes of color will fill the white canvas with beauty if I just allow Him to hold the brush. He knows just how much paint—not the watered down variety, but pure color.

Instead of picking my favorites of blue, rose, blue-green, teal, red…I will surrender to His choices. The browns will offset the teal nicely and the Black will enhance the red.

The mixture of dark and light has been part of our world since the beginning of time—but when we allow God to mix them on His canvas of light, they all come out brilliant.

So it is with the New Year before me. A blank canvas of light—because He is the Light and I belong to Him. Each day will have a predominant tone and then the tail of His brush will swirl them together to make my year a work of art.

I may not be a Monet or a Rembrandt, but I will be a Jeanne—and my life will be a priceless work—one of a kind, not a copy of someone else. Because He chose me from the beginning of time to be His child and to accomplish things for His Kingdom. Things that no one else can do.

Launching a New Year of intentions is about surrender. It’s about becoming a vessel, clean and ready for use. Like the blank canvas—pure and filled with hope for what’s planned. A picture only my Father can see because He is the artist, holding a brush filled with paint—paint that is red like blood; He washes over the canvas and creates a clean place for His story to be told.
Will you let God Paint Your Story in 2015? How is He preparing your canvas?


  1. Everywhere I turn this week, I'm finding little snippets of the word God is whispering to my heart in 2015. My word for 2015 is FULLNESS.

    Psalm 36 says, "In Your light we see light." I'm expecting to see so many things this year, stepping into His light so I can step into His fullness for my life. "Because He is the Light, and I belong to Him..." :)

    Such great thoughts, Jeanne!

    Praying you feel better very, very soon! Enjoy your rest in Him.

  2. Great word, Alycia! I will pray for His fullness to surround all you do.
    It can be overwhelming at times when we see what's ahead of us--but I know God will equip by the power of His might.
    Thank you for your word of encouragement

  3. Hi Jeanne.....I love the way you said that your life will be a priceless work in God's eyes because no one else can do what you are capable of. It is a good reminder to each of us that we, too, are God's children and He has a plan for each of us. I used to compare myself to others, thinking that they were more talented and spiritual than I, but I have learned that I am here for a special reason, and like you, I can do something that no one else can. We are so blessed that God loves us so much and is faithful to guiding our footsteps. I wish you a happy writing year, and I know God will fill each page of 2015 with words for you to reach out to others.

  4. Comparison is something we all struggle with at one time or another - I know I have.
    God is so creative, He doesn't need or want to make any of us the same LOL
    May you shine as a precious jewel.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with such transparency. We need to know we are not alone.


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