Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Celebrating Accomplishments

I love rejoicing with others! Last night I had the privilege of attending a book launch at The Mark Twain House in honor of Tessa Afshar’s new release called, Harvest of Gold.
What an evening celebrating her accomplishment! We enjoyed Persian foods, listened as Tessa read from Tom Sawyer in Farsi, her native language. We were captivated by her warm style as she entertained questions about her writing, her Biblical stories and her unique perspective as a believer in Christ.

I am looking forward to reading my gift copies of her books, Harvest and Rubies and the new follow-up title, Harvest of Gold.
A question Tessa addressed last night, for those who might be considering writing a book…Tessa replied, “DO IT!”
How many times to we entertain an idea and then make excuses why it can’t or won’t happen? Fear of failure can snuff out our dream if we allow it.
One of my favorite quotes from an anonymous writer says:

You can’t discover new oceans unless you have the courage to leave the shore.

Life can be boring if you play it safe and never take advantage of exploration. In order to pursue dreams you may have to fall down a few times. Falling down doesn’t equal failure; with each mistake we discover something new. And, don’t you think living adventurously promises to be a lot more fun? 
God has given us the Spirit of boldness to step out in faith. So, break out and embrace new things. They will bring sparkle and dash, spiking your days with life.
Don’t let fear keep you at the shoreline. I can’t wait to hear what you discover as you set sail.
I’ve spent too many years in knee deep water. It’s time to be brave. Who’s with me?

Order your copies of Tessa's books:

Tessa Afshar signing copies of her newest book,
Harvest of Gold 
* Day #2 of the 31-Day Blog Challenge


  1. Nice spotlight, Jeanne. I have put Tessa's books on my Want to Read list on Goodreads. One of these days I'll get them downloaded to my Kindle.

  2. I've been told I am in for a treat. That means you too--hope you get them soon. Harvest of Rubies comes before Harvest of Gold :)
    She also has her first book, Pearl in the Sand

  3. Thanks for sharing Tessa with us. I'll have to look for her books. And I LOVE seeing the picture of my friends Lauren and Cindy with her. :-)

  4. It was wonderful to meet both Tessa and Lauren. And, Cindy is my sweet CT friend.

  5. Glad you had an enjoyable meeting. I have started my book. I really must get on with it as it won't write itself. Mine is inspired by my dad who is no longer present in this world although he has never really left me.

  6. Love the quote because it's SO true! In the last few years I've worked hard to overcome my fears and try things I think I won't even like just because I can say "I did it".
    It's led me to job responsibilities I wouldn't have taken previously as well as doing things like parachuting (who, in their right mind, jumps out of perfectly good airplanes?).
    Truth be told, I'm ready to find new adventures because I know I can overcome my fears.
    Writing a book? Who knows ...

  7. Good for you, Granny Lyn. And, what a legacy you are extending with your dad's inspiration

  8. J. Ivy, I have done the same. I discovered some of the roots of my fear which was very healing for me. It is freeing, isn't it?
    Parachuting my be a little over the top for me :)

  9. What a lovely article, Jeanne. Fear robs, kills, and destroys dreams! We just have to press through and do what we were called to do.
    So glad you could be there on Monday night to share the launch. I'm looking forward to our writers' retreat in October, and hoping we will meet and encourage new writers.

  10. I, too am excited to see what God has planned, Tessa.

    Blessings on your next book


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