Sunday, July 14, 2013

Creating Word Clouds

I think this has been 'creativity week' for me. Another creative way to share your message is by designing a word cloud. One source for this is at

Here are a couple of word clouds I created:

Wordle: Jeanne Doyon, Speaker

Wordle: Jeanne Doyon 2 
Here's another word cloud with different colors:

Wordle: Jeanne Doyon

To save your word clouds or use on your website you must save to the gallery. It will provide a link to embed in your HTML text. You can also press your PRTSCR button which will take a screen shot and then you can paste it (Control-V) into a Word document.

Have fun with this!


Day 13 - 31 Day Blog Challenge


  1. How very fun! When I update my site's appearance I will add one of these!

  2. They are fun, aren't they!! I am sure there are other sites that will help you to generate them as well. I think they are even fun for kids to do.
    Thanks for stopping in!!

  3. How very fun! When I update the appearance of my site I will probably add one of these!

  4. Very creative! I like this and will try it.

  5. I'm sure you'll have fun with it Gloria. There were others on the web too.
    Thanks for stopping by the Stream

  6. I love word clouds. There are actually a series of classics being reprinted as Word Cloud Classics. They are awesome!!!

  7. Tiffany,
    I'd love to know if you have other cloud generating websites to share :)
    Thanks for stopping in and for your comment


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