Friday, July 05, 2013

Fear Saps Strength

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrows: it only saps today of its strength

I can spend so much of my time worrying about tomorrow instead of living and enjoying today.

Worry never changes the situation. Instead it saps us of the energy to live fully charged. We live like a drained Duracell, with barely enough energy to power the work around us. Worry produces anxiety, leading to both physical and emotional symptoms. And all of this brings about apathy for the things we used to enjoy because our focus is on those we have no control over. We walk through life with leaden feet and a constricted heart because we can’t experience the freeing effects of faith and hope.

If we can truly grasp that God has tomorrow in the palm of His hand and the scope of His eye, we can begin to trust for today.
Give us this day our daily bread—peace, strength, provisions and all the things we need to live in the present with Him. Today is filled with opportunities to love, live and receive His blessings. But, we cannot receive them if our hands are filled with tomorrow’s worries.

Fear of the future is a waste of the present

A powerful remedy for fear and worry is praise. I have found that writing down my blessings and taking note of things I’m thankful for, fills me with praise and keeps my focus away from the plague of worry.

Will you join me in releasing fear and worry to the One who knows all about tomorrow? What do these thoughts spark in you?
Day 5 - 31 Day Blog Challenge


  1. "If we can truly grasp that God has tomorrow in the palm of His hand and the scope of His eye, we can begin to trust for today."

    To live in such a state of faith, every minute of every day is something I would love to have. I mean, it would be a living heaven.

  2. I was so glad to see this was a Christian post. I was going to say "Casting all your cares on Him because He cares for you." Good reminders! I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  3. I am not a believer but I found this post interesting, I have found worry to be exhausting too!

  4. Not sure if I will ever attain it this side of heaven. But, hoping I can practice to get a little slice of His peace

  5. Thanks for your thoughts, Ruth. That is one of my favorite verses.

  6. Thanks for stopping in to comment, Jaqui (love the way you spell your name BTW). Worry is something we all struggle with, that's for sure. I am learning about trusting, but it is an ongoing lesson :)

  7. I also feel that if we spend so much time worrying we will start to attract the negative. It is so important to stay positive and create that world around us.

  8. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts, Susan. We definitely don't want to dwell in the negative. It colors everything gray.


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