Saturday, July 27, 2013

Creative Outlets - Putting A Spark In Your Life

No, not like electric outlets—other that creativity can revive our energy and put a spark in our daily lives. We are wired to be creative and discover contentment when we create beauty and utility around us.

It’s no secret; I enjoy writing and photography. Another way I create beauty is using beads. I love designing jewelry, especially earrings and bracelets.

But recently, I discovered the art of making beaded bookmarks. I combine beads and charms to communicate a message while creating something useful.

The seed beads nestle between the pages of your favorite book.

Like these:
Believing is Key

Bring Forth Fruit

Holy Ground

Trust is the Key


  1. As a creativity person myself, it is always inspirational to read a post from a like minded person. Your book marks are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this post. Visiting from UBC!


  2. Thank you for stopping in, Roxanne. I am blown away by the incredible ideas others have. What kinds of things do you do?

  3. People who have this kind of artistry always amaze me. I am a writer and a singer, but art is not my strong point. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Very creative Jeanne....thanks for sharing. My creativity--writing, gardening, doodling, painting, cooking etc.

  5. Thanks for stopping in, Liz. I also enjoy writing and cooking. Gardening in moderation--I have a small herb garden and that seems to be all I can keep up with.

  6. Ruth, I think writing and singing are lovely (and awesome) gifts. I love how each person is different, adding a different brush stroke to life.
    Thanks for taking the time to stop in :)


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