Sunday, July 28, 2013

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

There are millions of blogs buzzing though cyberspace shouting every topic, with every slant, in every language—there is a message for everyone available at the click of a button. Reasons for writing a blog vary. Some want to share an opinion. Others want to join a crowd and connect with like interests. And still others want to make a difference. Whatever the reason, blogging is a way to communicate your message and connect with the world.

What types of blogs do you follow?

What do you like about them?
Have you ever thought of joining in and launching your own blog?
What topic would your choose?
Blogging is easy. Being read is a bit more difficult. Being shared is the goal.
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Your message can have an impact. A phrase rings in my ear from my friend, Marlene Bagnull who is the director of two wonderful writing conferences. She calls writers, “literature missionaries” because we may not travel all over the world, but our writing certainly can, especially now in the age of computer communication.
So, if you have a desire to get started, here are a few ideas and guidelines:
Keep your blog to 300-500 words. Online followers want something quick to read.

Know your audience and keep your posts narrowed to your message and platform

Keep your posts focused – write tight

Be consistent with your postings

End with a challenge or a question to encourage comments

Be sure to reply to your reader's comments

In my hands-on blogging workshop, I teach you how to design and maintain your own blog using Demystifying Blogger will give you the courage to jump into the world of blogging so you can get your message to a reading world.
I am available to teach my hands-on blogging workshop to your writer’s group, civic group, or to individuals.  For more information, you can contact me.
How can I help you get started with your own blog?

31 Day - Blog Challenge
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  1. Interesting question! Because of UBC I've attempted to blog daily and I do it with the hope to get the message out about my business! Thanks for the post!

  2. I love the term "literature missionaries”! It truly says it all. I am fairly new to blogging and love to write about health and wellness. I catch myself having a hard time keeping my blogs to less than 500 words because they is so much great information to share with others. I believe in the power of education so do my best to educate people on taking their health into their own hands and not relaying only on what the guy in the white coat has to say. I love blogs that are educational, inspirational, and funny. Thanks for sharing your tips on blogging.

  3. I also took the UBC challenge--wondering if I could do it--and doubting my sanity for taking it on. My reasons were to broaden my readership and discipline myself to write everyday.
    Almost there!!
    Not sure if I will post 31 blog posts---but even at 26 (as of this post) I am pleased with myself.
    Thanks for stopping in, Vanessa. I hope the challenge has been good for your reach as well.

  4. Caroline,
    Thanks for your thoughts about blogging. That's wonderful that you have knowledge to share. I wonder if you could offer either an eBook or a pdf file on particular topics. Use your blog to whet their appetite for a subject and then they can get more info with your additional materials.
    Or, you can break your text up into several smaller posts and make it a Health Series.
    Just some thoughts,

  5. This is so informative, Jeanne - and a great motivator to those who are considering to take the jump into the blogasphere!

    I just taught a class on "Blogging; And Extension of Women's Ministry" at the She Leads Conference. I met so many gifted ladies who should be blogging!

    Thanks for all you do!

  6. I'm so glad your class went well, Verna. Blogging is truly a wonderful way to share your message with an audience you could never touch otherwise.


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