Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Love Words!

Words are powerful, poetic, persuasive, prodding, and hopefully prolific for a writer. But, sometimes I just need to get away from my keyboard;  I still want to be creative so I enjoy using magnetic words to create poems, sentences, limericks.

It’s nice because the tiles can be moved around. No erasing. No backspacing. It’s more like free play. Creativity without pressure!

Here are a few examples: 

Soft rain gently falls
Warm earth beneath the moon
Fertile seeds sprout
Spring’s sanctuary to my world
Peace to my soul 

Or this one:

Beautiful mountain path
Listen for a sweet song of peace
Eden breathes sacred air
Walking in harmony
I will follow the ancient path

And lastly:

Dark night
Blanketed moon
Tendrils of mist
Stretching fingers
To the unreachable dawn

How about you? Is there a creative outlet you enjoy? Do you find you are revived, more relaxed if you take a break and do something out of the ordinary?
We have been created to be creative. And for me, it fills my cup so I can pour out again.
I look forward to you sharing your ideas,

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  1. I love your idea of using magnetic words! I've used these as a teacher, but never thought of using them for my own creative writing! I do love to write and I keep various journals. I also write on my blog. I've just taken up dance. I've done bits of art (drawing, collage). And I like physical activity, especially going for a walk in nature.

  2. I find my creativity rejuvenated after a short session of playing with my kids.
    I love the little poems you have written. They are a powerful illustration of how sometimes a few words can be made to mean so much.

  3. Leanne, thanks for your creative ideas. Sounds like we have lots in common :)
    I find I have to force myself to 'play' sometimes. I need more practice with that LOL

  4. Cynthia, there is the play word again. So true. Letting go and not being an adult for awhile!!
    Glad you like my poetry. I enjoy writing it

  5. Jeanne, your poetry bursts with gentle life. I so love these little bits of God dust in my life. You have a way with words. Never knew about magnetic words. Is it a game of sorts or a teaching tool? Blessings, Cass

  6. Thank you, Cass. I got a set of these from
    They come in many different sets, poetry, haiku, etc.

    I am so glad you visited and that your post went through :)


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