Saturday, July 06, 2013

Corrie ten Boom

I would like to introduce you to Corrie (Cornelia) ten Boom.

We've never formerly met, but I would love to sit down and talk with her someday in heaven. You see,

She is one of my heroes of the faith. She was the daughter of a Dutch watch maker living in Holland during WW2. She and her family hid Jews in their home to protect them from being sent to the prison camps. One day the Nazis arrested Corrie and her family for hiding Jewish people in their home and they were sent to prison. Corrie and her sister, Betsie were eventually sent to the Ravensbruck death camp. Corrie is the only one of her family that survived and her story is written in her book called, The Hiding Place.

I have also read Tramp for the Lord, and what I love most about Corrie is her simple wisdom and devotion to the Lord. She endured such evil including seeing her family die in the horrid prison conditions. Yet, she radiated with the light of God’s love and peace.

She tells the story about how years later she faced a brutal prison guard and extended forgiveness to him. Her life is an example of how God works in and through our lives, carrying us through the hardships. And she is an amazing testimony to His faithfulness and how His light can shine even in the darkest places.

If you have never read her books, I encourage you to look for them. You will be blessed by her stories. I pray I never have to endure what she went through but part of me wants a relationship with God like she had. She was an amazing woman who was sold out to obedience to her Heavenly Father. Her story and her example continue to inspire others to this day.
Do you have someone you admire? What kind of legacy will you leave behind to inspire others?


Order Corrie's books:

Tramp for the Lord The Hiding Place (Hendrickson Classic Biographies)

Find out more about Corrie:

Corrie ten Boom was born April 15, 1892 –  and died April 15, 1983 on her 91st birthday.

And, I love how the Holy Spirit works: A colleague, Gloria Ashby published a blog referencing Corrie and the officer she forgave. You can find it here
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  1. I have never read her stories but I too would love to have that level of faith that some of the great individuals before me have demonstrated. I wonder what it is? What the flip is - to constantly live in such a state of devotion? I definitely try... but sometimes I behave like a child when it comes to my relationship with the Father. I am okay with this and I'm growing... but I simply admire people that have always had such a mature and seasoned relationship with God.

    I mentioned in my blog today that one of the things I wish to create is a school...a school that focuses on harnessing children's gifts through a valued-centered arts program. I even know what it would look like. I feel that if more people honored their gifts from childhood, the world would be a much better place... (in addition to being taught universal values) and I would love to give that through a school. One day some day. :)

    Thanks for sharing this woman's story with the world today.

    With love,

  2. How interesting! I had never heard of her before! Thank you so much for introducing me to her and a little big about her history!

  3. Your school sounds wonderful. I do think we are created with bents that are often forgotten or squelched as we get older.

    Corrie's faith was tried by fire--the death camp must have been horrific yet her trust in her Heavenly Father prevailed. Such an inspiration!!

  4. You're welcome, Becca. I hope you get a chance to read some of her books. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts

  5. I love Corrie ten Boom for all the reasons you do, Jeanne! Her faith was real and public - she had so much courage!

  6. Thanks for stopping in, Joy. She had such an unassuming way about her. But, when she spoke people listened


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