Monday, July 22, 2013

The Right Tools

I just got my first opportunity for using a senior discount. AARP has been sending me membership cards for six years. I’m saving them to make a full deck (you never know, they might come in handy someday). Colonoscopies have become part of my preventative schedule. Hot flashes replace my once cold hands and feet. And, I’m not happy about it!

Shape Up With Shannon
I’ve been fighting the good fight—I exercise, eat right, and highlight my hair on a consistent basis. But gravity is happening with or without my permission so I need a new strategy.

My niece is a personal trainer and I just asked her to get personal.
I sent her a list of my equipment, you know, balance ball, five and ten pound weights—I’ve got some tools; I just need to know how to use them more efficiently. I will probably never be svelte, but I can at least lose my fluff. It’s not enough to have all of this equipment—I need to use it, right?

Now I know what you’re thinking. My outer self is decaying but my inner is being renewed day by day. Could we agree on weakening instead of decaying? At least that leaves room for hope.

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I spoke with Shannon today and she got me set up with weight work four days a week. She mentioned she struggled several months ago too.

Shannon says: 

If we think fitness is something we need to take control of all on our own, we are so wrong. It's true; God can't put our fork down, say no to cheesecake, or make us move our bodies. But He says He wants to be in all things. This message rang in my head at one point this winter after my workouts, I was laying on the floor exhausted and crying after two months of killing myself with diet and exercise with no results. And, I just kept hearing, "I want to be in all things." I finally gave it up to Him.

That's me, folks—tired of diet and exercise with no results. So, I have begun to take steps. The first of which was to contact Shannon for her help.

Shannon is starting a group at her church called, In His Image. Tell us Shannon, how did this come about?

After surrendering, I continued my hard work, but I would listen to devotionals on the elliptical. Go to prayer about my diet and exercise and for a little needed motivation on those tough days. He lifted my heart, and oddly enough, my body began to change. I realized the connection between body, mind and spirit, so In His Image will address the whole person.

I need to flex both my physical muscles as well as my spiritual ones—Might as well go for the package deal so when this goes down, I go down stunning!

Seriously, though. I do need both the tools and the instructions to use them. My fit ball and free weights can help me in the physical realm. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God can take the spiritual. And, I need accountability. God is interested in our wholeness—body, mind and spirit. And, He provides the right tools to get them in shape.

I'm very excited for Shannon's new venture!

What are you doing for your whole-self these days? 

You can join Shannon for In His Image:

August 3rd at 1 pm.

Calvary Bible Church

348 South Hiram Rd.

Hiram, Maine

Find Shape Up With Shannon on Facebook 

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  1. If I were in Maine, I'd stop by to see Shannon. Great post. I find that if I don't worry about my health and weight that it stays in check. I give my thanks that I have my health in the first place. My whole-self routine involves meditation in the morning, running and weights, and I try to vary my workouts to continually shock the body so it doesn't get complacent. Good luck with your new routine!

  2. You're taking care of yourself, that's fantastic! I'm in my 30's and can't make myself exercise, even though I do need it!

  3. I love this! God should be a part of everything.. including fitness. Whenever I'm working out and I feel like giving up.. it's when I listen to some gospel and start calling on God for help do I magically push through... when I don't do this - I usually end up quitting when I'm tired OR feeling very unhappy while I trudge through my workout. It's such a great feeling calling on God while working out... :)
    This group your niece is creating sounds like a wonderful place to be!!!!!

  4. Penny, how like our spiritual routine--it is good to vary our time with God--worship music, walking, a devotional book, listening on tape, etc. It keeps it fresh.

    Thanks for stopping by the Stream.

  5. Tal, I have always made time for it, but not that I am getting older I am seeing myself swimming against the tide of aging. Not that it's a lost cause--yet. But it seems like I have to work twice as hard. I am only 5'1" so that is against me to. Five extra pounds makes all the difference.
    Health, both physical and spiritual is a series of small steps.

  6. Tamalamadingdong, I agree!! Wish we had something here like it.

  7. Good post, Jeanne. WTG. That's my hot button. I lost 95 lbs 18 years ago. Last year, my book was published Divine Dining: 365 devotions to guide you to healthier weight and abundant wellness. God cares about the things that bothered us. My weight kept me from being a good witness or anything else. Good luck on your venture. Wish Shannon was here & I'd be there.

  8. Congrats on the weight loss, Janet. Is your book available? I can add it to the blog as a resource.


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